Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Non-Traditional Student

I wrote this because I was pisSed ofF at one point because people were not understanding how difFicult it is at doing it ALL...
Let #ME know what you alL think, gramMaticalLy that is...is it a clip that I could use to apPly for an internship?
Non-traditional Students
Are Not Being Treated the Same

What or who is the average college student? I am a 25 year old, work a 40-hour week, get no help on the bills, and attend a three hour course three times a week. Am I the average college student or would that be the 18 year old, who takes 18 credits a semester and lives on campus?
What if the non-traditional student, wanted to join a club? What if that club was the PR Society at Rider University?  Most of the average college students can say that they are able to be involved in the extra-curricular activities or programs offered by their college or university. What happens when you have work, or go to class, and/or have children to take care of during the day and these clubs are only holding meetings during the day? These questions turn into one question. How can the nontraditional student get involved?
Rider University has created a school called, The College of Continuing Studies (CCS). It was a great idea to offer courses at night for the average working student, but most of the employees leave at 5pm and it’s strictly geared towards academics.
“I don’t know how I can offer you a solution to joining these programs, seeing as I’m an academic Dean,” said Dean Boris Villic of CCS. With answers like this in the beginning of a conversation from the Dean who would continue to even try joining any organization at Rider University.
Jess Scanlon, Secretary of the PR Society offered up a temporary solution to a nontraditional student trying to join their club. “I can give you an opportunity to volunteer in a Saturday activity we have coming up.” That can work. “I can also offer you the opportunity to create a flyer for another event that we have coming up, which involves one of the other organizations we have on campus.” That would have worked if this student didn’t follow up that conversation with the President, Morgan Todd. “No, don’t do that flyer because it’s already been done,” said Morgan.
Christina* a Public Relations major, was wondering if the lack of communication between the executive board members of the club, was because of the lack of professor advisory from Dr. Aaron Moore, the Communications department internship leader. Christina* added, “I tried to contact Dr. Moore via telephone and numerous e-mails in regards to the PR Society. The one e-mail I got back was directing me to Morgan. The one time I got him on the phone, I asked, as the professor advisor, was he heavily involved in the organization? His response was, “I don’t understand what you’re asking,” and then he went on to say, “it’s something that the students handle. They’re the one’s responsible for what goes on within’ the club.”
Every Thursday at 11:30am, is when the meetings for this particular club are held. “Tuesdays and Thursdays at this time are what the school calls open period and a lot of other clubs meet,” said the President of the PR Society. “It does conflict with other members of other clubs as well.” The decision to set this time schedule was from a vote of the executive board, which consists of four members, three of which are graduating. The students had no say. “Next semester I can recommend that the President makes this a group decision, said Morgan.
With an administrative staff like Dean Boris, Dr. Moore and an executive board whose main focus is making it through their last semester, how can a person come to a solution that can help non-traditional students who are in desperate need of joining an organization? Will there come a time where the staff as well as the students, traditional and nontraditional comes up with a solution to this problem? Is the student who busts their behinds to go to work full-time and attend three hour classes going to see any fairness in the future? The simple answer is, we don’t know. There have been many temporary fixtures, but nothing permanent. So, Fall of 2012, we will see. Like Jess said, “There is always one problem that has no solution, and that is pleasing everyone.”

Friday, April 27, 2012

This is CRAZY, BONKERS, && WILD alL at once!

I wilL admit, in the 90s when kids hobBies were more than just video games and afternoOn cartoOns, I was in #MY roOm admiring #MY hobBy, which was the colLection of posters plastered alL over the walL. One of #MY alL time fave artists on #MY waslL was Mason 'MA$E' Betha.

I was n love, yes with those dimMples && the smile over alL.
So, I'm on www.hiphopearly.com 2day && I see 'Slight Work' remix, ft. Ma$e, himself. He thrashed that track. He came back betTer than 'Welcome Back."

Lovin' it, && it wilL b blastin' 4rm #MY Android realLy soOn. 5*s!

He's baaaaaaaack...
I was in love with this album cover...

Monday, July 25, 2011

What hapPens when you are at rock botTom, everything that can go wrong-HAS, you feEl like there is NO1 to turn to, there is no more you can do to turn things around, or your scared to do so?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Tired of UNANSWERED ?'s

Everyday, a girl goes through her strugGles...she doesn't know where to turn because it's her job 2oo take on the WORLD. SHE has 2oo remain the upbeat (HAPpY) self that every1 is use 2oo...
BUT, what hapPens when she feEls beat, broken, && torn?
WHO can she turn 2oo when she feEls alL paths lead 2oo distruction, dilemMa, &&/or drama?
WHEN wilL things get betTer?
They remain unanswered, so til them I guesS have 2oo deal...

Monday, September 27, 2010


Who Does It Like Me: I KEEP ASKING MYSELF: "I'm trying to last. Waiting to see how long it's gonna be before I have a physical, mental, AND emotional break-down. Expecting the worst..."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm trying to last.
Waiting to see how long it's gonna be before I have a physical, mental, AND emotional break-down.

Expecting the worst.

Just SO SURE that happiness is NOT for me.

Wondering when is the next horrible thing coming MY way && will that next one be the ONE.
The one to take it outta me.
I can barely shed a tear because I'm dried out.

I don't know fun any more, I don't know feelings any more, at least not the good ones.-

What I do know...What I DO know is...


I can't do it any more, I'm scared of bad news && terrified of pain.
What will I do...?...Is it ALL because of me...?...What am I not doing right...?...Am I not pushing hard enough or am I pushing TOO much...?...What's my destiny...?...(UUUUUUgggggHHHHH) I hate asking myself these questions but is this where it ends...?...